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Well, Hello there, Golf World.

Updated: Mar 3

We're new at this newsletter/blog thing. Give us a second.

Now that you’ve said hello to the world, it’s time to introduce yourself. Hello, we're Greens in Regulation. Well, this is Shane with Greens, but you know what I meant. We're starting up this newsletter/blog business to keep you all informed on the comings and goings of GiR. In case you may be interested in staying up to date on such C&G. GiR is a cannabis golf company coming to you good people reading this from San Diego, California. Hmm...what else...

Your first blog post is a chance to tell readers who you are with a short bio, as well as share what your blog is about and why you are blogging. Okay, well we've been around for a year now figuring out our merch and cannabis strategies. Yeah, okay, it took us a little while, big whoop, want to fight about it? Had to iron out a few wrinkles and we had to build the iron first, so to speak. Terrible analogy, but you get it...maybe? I think there's an echo. Anyway, we're here to work on merging the worlds of sport and cannabis, two worlds that go together like lamb and tuna fish. Maybe you prefer spaghetti and meatball?

We found a particular resonance between the golf and cannabis communities. Over the last few years, both have experienced a significant surge in national popularity across multiple populations. Golf people often find lifetime friends on the links much in the same way cannabis folks stick together with their early chiefing buddies [shoutout to The Gang back in Colorado (Blackhair, Shadow, Dak, and Cat)]. Both golf and cannabis typically deal with the outdoors, but both can also be enjoyed indoors. Both can lead you to encounter and subsequently spend time with people you may've never come close to if not for that random tee time or smoke sesh.

Those friendships are some of the most important in our lives and, really, we wanted to find a way to stay out on the course as much as possible. It's just so nice out there, you know?

You can include something personal or funny, or add a photo of yourself or your business. Give your readers an idea of what to expect in upcoming blog posts. Here's a photo of our mascot, Bogey. John Daly was busy with Hooters so we had to find another option. Bogey was brought into this world by the stellar artist SlackerTide (

He's a good boah that enjoys a joint or two during his round. Though his handle may suggest a high handicap, this dog can play scratch. So, you know, look out. Shit, maybe we should've named him Scratch? Nah, I like Bogey better. Oh, sorry, are you still here?

the greens in regulation mascot named Bogey.
Bogey, the Greens in Regluation mascot.

Hey Golfers, Here Come the Train'a'comin' Blues

So what's next for GiR you ask? One, thank you for asking that. Two, we are launching product. The good stuff. Something sticky to enjoy on the couch, on the course, wherever you won't kick up too much dust from those around you. Keep your eyes peeled for our Grand Opening announcement coming later this summer.

On Tuesday, July 25th @ Miss B's Coconut Club in Mission Beach, GiR will be hosting our first Fixing a Divot event. We'll have a cocktail hour from 4:20p - 7:10p. Miss B's has kindly created a CBD-infused cocktail for the event. Purchase of this beverage will donate $1 to Fixing a Divot's future beach cleans and community events. Check out our Fixing a Divot page here: Starting at 5:30p, GiR and friends will be stationed on the beach playing milk carton golf, tossing some jerky for prizes, and cleaning up after those lazy enough to dump junk on our dang beaches. So sign up for our event or just come on down for an evening of good times and good people talking cannabis and fixin' divots.

Oh and watch Metalocalypse. You might like it better after enjoying some of our flower but watch it either way.

Add a Closing Message Goodbye

Goodbye. Remember: GiR Product coming soon, FAD Event at Miss B's on July 25th, and watch Metalocolypse. MORE CONTENT COMING SOON. Smoke a joint and set a tee time with a buddy or two. Oh and avoid running at all times.



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