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Is this thing on? GOLF, Go Fore It- microphone check-onetwowhatisthis?Thefivefootassassinwiththeroughneck businessIfloatlikegravityneverhadacavityGotmorerhymesthantheWin-... ahem...

Updated: Mar 3

Let's get this done out front- FOLLOW US @GOFOREGIR on IG and TikTok, We've got a Youtube and the Paytch is brewing, too. Good stuff.

Okay, matter 1(a)...check out that stylin' fella in this post's featured photo. Sweet pose. Nice stretch on those sweatpants, if'n that is your kinda thing. Gotta stay comfy on the course like this fella's laid back posture suggests. Big suggest.

Okay, let's begin. Yeesh, two blog posts in 2023. Alright. Well...we'll have to do a little better this year.

That means at least three posts in 2024. Including this one.

Stick with us, folks. It will be worth it. Maybe. Probably not. What am I saying- Of Course it'll be worth it.  Follow along here especially because it's only getting better moving forward. 'Don't look behind you, something may be gaining on you,' (thanks, Satchel). I'll get better, you'll get better. We'll distract each other from the rest of whatever the whatever we identify too late as the proper antecedent to the mess we find ourselves in throws at us. Us and you, you and us, We! The People of the People's Open, the slippery ones, the muddy tribe of degens will give the slip to this cannonade of calumnious twaddle driving social interaction through what appears every medium. Here we go, together, alright... did you- did you want to go first? My ankle is kinda acting up. No? ... ... Alright, well don't suck your teeth at me... I'll go... ...I'm going!

March 2nd, 2024. I like 2Mar24 but nobody else seems to write their dates that way this side of the Atlantic. 2Mar24 is way less characters, I don't know, seems like the Europeans are on to something with that one. Is there anything else they do better than us right now? Meat standards. Cars. Is there anything else to even consider besides those two topics?

Golf. Oh yeah, golf. They do golf better right now. Rahm and McIlroy (not checking how to spell it, you give it a Goog) and Hovland... others. You know what the Euros don't have?

Good bud. And GiR merch. I'm pretty sure we don't ship internationally. Western Hemisphere only! So take that Europe! And the world!

GiR is here to grow in the US of A!...huh? no one cares about companies from the US anymore? Oh, oh...Anybody wanna get some pizza?

And shit, they definitely have good bud in Europe. Amsterdam. Other places...somewhere. I'm sure there's some quality stuff tucked in the English/French/Spanish/German/Italian/Croatian/Swiss hills or farm country.

Okay, if anyone is reading this, I've derailed this post. The original point of this was going to be about consistency. That's our pledge this year. 2024 is about Consistent drops. Consistent content (@goforegir). And to finally have flower available for purchase in California dispensaries. We're working on a few new leads for product but our door is always open to any help from the industry at-large re: procurement.

Spring is around the corner, people. That means more sun. That means warmer temps (eventually, San Diego weather is kind of weird...).

That means our DED Golf Street League will begin its inaugural season! SIGN-UP WILL BE AVAILABLE VERY SOON.  Keep the peepers peeled. (Okay that was three- now four- double 'e' combos. Have you ever before seen (5) that in your life??)

Watch our Instagram for more updates (@goforegir) and subscribe here for good measure, why don'tcha?   Sunset Plaza in Ocean Beach (Santa Monica Ave) is our HQ for this season. We're there every Thursday chipping milk cartons for prizes and giveaways so come on down next week!

'Member how we dropped a new collection? T-Shirts, hats, sweatpants, hoodies, quarterzips, socks, and more.

Check it out here:

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