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Our story

Go Fore It.

At the crossroads of cannabis and golf, we are here to spark your passion, share a joint, and play a little golf.  Greens in Regulation is an emerging golf/cannabis company forged on the golf course yet curated for non-golfers and golfers alike.  Whether you're looking to elevate your focus or find relief from everyday stress-

Be At Ease and Go Fore GIR. 

The GiR culture is built with our community first in mind.  Officially established in San Diego in 2022, Greens in Regulation was founded by three friends but with the help of many. 


That's why, from day one, 1% of all profits have gone to organizations we believe are constantly pursuing quality in their actions, often running massively successful campaigns and inspiring hundreds on shoestring budgets.  Our focus to begin has been on environmental, homeless assistance, and children's literacy organizations but GiR is always open to expanding our community engagement efforts and hopes to hear from others looking to do the same. 

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