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Golf x Cannabis

Lamb and tuna fish, butter and grapes, golf and cannabis.  All made for each other.  


As the nation continues to open new doors to our old friend Jane, a home in the golf world is inevitable.   A game that can be played by anyone paired with a plant for everyone (those of age that is...).  GiR fits in your bag on the course and your stash at home.  Birdies or butterflies,  we offer products for those who want to chase either.

Look for GiR products in a dispensary near you starting in 2024.

Enjoy yourself.  Be at ease.  Go Fore GiR. 

Go Fore It Mentality

"Go for it" are words of encouragement commonly heard on the tee box of nearly every hole during any given round.   However, at Greens in Regulation, we want to encourage a mentality of "Go Fore It."  


Go Fore It says "get out there, regardless of the results, and play the game."  We're very zen, you know.   


As the great Harvey Penick said, 

"Be At Ease.  Take Dead Aim.  Rare Back and Hit It."

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