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Sunset Plaza, Ocean Beach

Every Thursday,


(start time may change,

be sure to check @goforegir on Instagram for updates)

What is DED Golf? (jump to schedule)

Hello to you, too.  All right...well, DED Golf is our version of what we first saw from TigerHoodNYC, playing milk carton golf on the streets of New York City combined with MuniKids' weekly street golf league up in Portland.  We figured we had the weather and the people to complete the triangle and start something here in

San Diego. 

Every Thursday at Sunset Plaza in Ocean Beach we invite the public to join us to chip for prizes and giveaways while they enjoy a beer at Wonderland Ocean Pub, Bluewater Grill, or OB Surf Lodge.  Come on down to OB and learn more about what we have coming in 2024.   

And...coming this summer, at last - 


The DED Golf Street "League"

LIV Golf's unfunded 4th cousin  

6 holes in Ocean Beach before Sundown.  

Clubs and biodegradable ball provided but donations to the

GiR Fun Fund would be super cool.   


Keep your eyes peeled for more info about the

2024 Gunga Galunga Cup in OCTOBER.  

Come on down and golf at the beach.  

REMEMBER: Be At Ease and Go Fore It


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